February 15, 2009

First Birthday

Hello! First, forgive the delay in how long it's taken me to get this message out. I've been blessed with a very intense work load these past two weeks, not to mention the coordination of Arielle's big O-N-E!

Arielle's first birthday was a smashing success, particularly from the cake's point of view. She wasted no time swiping at the pretty white icing and bright floral accents placed before her. We'd estimate about 75 people attended, and quite a few more sent their warm regards Arielle's way (all appreciated- thank you!!!). She was princess for a day and wanted me to keep singing Happy Birthday to her the entire ride home.

Earlier this month, we traveled to Houston to meet with a highly recommended pediatric ophthalmologist for a second opinion on Arielle's bad right eye. As we were somewhat suspecting, she came back with a different diagnosis than our local doctor. We were hoping the different diagnosis would offer more hope for vision in the eye, but that is not the news we received. Instead, she diagnosed two different congenital malformations: limbal dermoid and coloboma. That basically means there's hemangioma and a hole in the eye. This expert said she did not recommend patching Arielle's good eye to strengthen the bad one because she didn't think it would make any noticeable difference in its ability. While we were saddened by the news, we were glad we took the initiative to get the second opinion.

Other than that, Arielle continues to meet her developmental milestones, picking up new syllables every week. She's also progresses on the mobility front, though isn't walking on her own just yet. Just this morning, she embodied her Uncle Brian's spirit more than ever...in the time it took me to grab shoes out of the closet, she grabbed a container with her snacks, popped it open and covered the bathroom floor with tiny cereal puffs. That photo is included for grins as well.

Now, for what you all really want...PHOTOS!

Puff princess and her new-found skill:

Arielle shortly after arrival. The bow was short-lived so we're glad to have captured the moment:

Arielle experiences the Austin Children's Museum from the best view in the house, Daddy's shoulders:

Arielle's first swipe at the cake:

Moments later:

There was no stopping to smile for the camera:

She might look cleaner than before, but a bath was most definitely the way Arielle needed to end her big day: